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At Bitcoin Quark Exchange Offices, you can securely, effortlessly, and anonymously exchange your cryptocurrencies into PLN anywhere in Poland.

Hassle-free exchange

You don’t need to make an appointment at Quark! Simply walk into any of our Bitcoin Exchange Offices, conveniently located in many cities throughout Poland, and enjoy quick and safe cryptocurrency transactions at fantastic rates.


Rest assured, we don’t collect or keep any personal information about our customers. All transactions at our exchange offices, whether it’s buying or selling cryptocurrencies, remain entirely anonymous provided they comply with regulatory limits.


Your cryptocurrency transactions are in safe hands with us. We guarantee a secure and reliable buying and selling process. Our cutting-edge blockchain technology employs the latest cryptographic standards to ensure utmost security for all your transactions.

Cryptocurrency exchange office franchise with Quark


Our partners receive top-notch transactional software, which utilise advanced algorithms for swift operations while maintaining the highest security standards. The best part? Franchisees bear no exchange rate risk.

Best deals

Using our sophisticated software, we scour the exchange rates from markets and our partners to present you with the most competitive prices. Optimisation of these processes lies at the core of our success.

Support and training

We provide deployment, support and comprehensive training in cryptocurrency trading for all our partners and their staff. Our helpline is available 24/7.

Why cryptocurrency trading?

Cryptocurrencies offer a secure, affordable, and quick way to transfer funds to any location in the world

They provide a 100% guarantee of ownership for your stored funds, making them an excellent investment option

In 2017, the trading volumes on one of the Polish cryptocurrency exchanges surpassed the turnover of the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

Cryptocurrency trading has a promising future, and being among the pioneers in the market, operating under a renowned brand and with a proven business model, is an unmatched opportunity.


Yes, cryptocurrencies are the future of finance, and in this article, we will explain
In Poland, brick-and-mortar cryptocurrency exchanges are very popular, which is why many people are
Can anyone invest in cryptocurrencies? What are the risks involved? How to invest without
Yes, cryptocurrencies are the future of finance, and in this article, we will explain
In Poland, brick-and-mortar cryptocurrency exchanges are very popular, which is why many people are

What is bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the first-ever cryptocurrency, a digital and encrypted form of traditional money. It emerged in 2009 as an independent financial system, which was not regulated by central banks. Unlike physical currencies, bitcoin has no centralised authority or physical monetary representation.


Quark exchange offices handle the exchange of various cryptocurrencies including: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), stablecoins USDT (into ERC20 and TRC20), USDC (into ERC20) and Tron (TRX), into PLN. The process is similar to a traditional currency exchange at places dealing with euros or dollars.

Transactions at our Bitcoin Quark Exchange Offices are swift and typically take on average just a few minutes. Our proprietary cutting-edge software ensures secure and instant transaction processing. New customers receive a helpful introduction to the world of cryptocurrencies and essential security guidelines.

To make a transaction, all you need is access to your cryptocurrency wallet. If you’re buying cryptocurrencies, you’ll need your wallet address to receive the tokens. If you’re selling, you must be able to initiate the transaction from your wallet to our designated address.

Yes. In general, there are no limitations at our exchange offices. However, on rare occasions, for example, a specific exchange office might temporarily lack the required amount of cash to complete a transaction, but this is very rare.

Another aspect to consider is our requirements related to AML/KYC, which become more strict as the value of the transaction increases. We follow the standard limit of EUR 1,000 set be the European Union for cash transactions, or a series of linked transactions. Above this limit, we are required by law to verify the customer according to the applicable AML/KYC regulations. Transactions exceeding the equivalent of EUR 15,000 require reporting to the General Inspector for Financial Information (GIFI).

Certainly! During our office hours (typically 10:00 am – 6:00 pm), you can make a transaction without an appointment. Feel free to call beforehand to discuss the details if you prefer.

A cryptocurrency exchange office is a secure place where you can buy or sell cryptocurrencies for cash, anonymously. The chain of Bitcoin Quark Exchange Offices offers a secure and anonymous environment for quick cryptocurrency transactions.

Absolutely! Our exchange offices are completely safe. Each local franchised exchange office is registered with the National Tax Administration (KAS) in the register of companies trading in cryptocurrencies. All transactions are processed using our trusted software. Our procedures are continuously updated to ensure the highest level of security.